Cat and Dog Wellness Exam Care   in Montgomery, MN

Cat and Dog Wellness Exam Care in Montgomery, MN

At Montgomery Animal Hospital, preserving your pet’s health is our priority. We’re firm advocates for preventative care, which can protect your pet from avoidable health issues and reduce their long-term healthcare costs. Cat and dog wellness exam care in Montgomery, MN involves a multi-tiered approach, which includes:

  • Yearly physical and oral exams
  • Yearly blood and fecal tests with our in-house lab capabilities
  • Recommended vaccinations
  • Parasite preventatives
  • Nutritional recommendations

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Cat and Dog Wellness Exam Care in Montgomery, MN
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Why Dogs and Cats Need Yearly Wellness Exams

Dogs and cats age about 6-7 years for every human year, which means their health can change very quickly! Pets are not aware of health hazards like we are and without adequate protection, they can easily develop an infection or come down with a virus. Examining them at least once a year means we can establish a baseline, make note of any differences in their condition, and suggest treatments to improve their quality of life.


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