Mobile Vet Care  in Montgomery, MN

Mobile Vet Care in Montgomery, MN

Cat waiting for mobile vet care in Montgomery, MN

If you and/or your pet are unable to travel to our animal hospital, we may be able to offer our mobile vet services in Montgomery, MN. In this situation, you can arrange to have your veterinarian pay a visit to your home to provide care for your pet. We’re happy to accommodate our established patients in any way we can, and house calls are a way for us to extend our reach and do more for the community we serve.

Need us to come to you? Let us know!

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Services We Can Provide During Mobile Vet Visits

We can’t bring our entire facility to you, but we can deliver the following services:

Call and schedule a mobile vet care visit today at 952-856-3030

White dog laying on bed before mobile vet visit in Montgomery, MN

How to Arrange a Mobile Vet Visit for Your Pet

To schedule a home visit with your veterinarian, simply call our animal hospital to request an appointment. Try to contact us well in advance of your desired appointment date so we can accommodate your needs. Be clear about which services your pet requires during the visit so we can gather the necessary supplies.

Preparing for Your Vet’s Arrival

Clear sufficient space in your home where we can treat your pet without any distraction. Expect a call from us when we’re on our way to your home, so you know when we’ll be arriving.


If you have any other questions between now and your pet’s mobile vet visit, you are always welcome to reach out at 952-856-3030.