Veterinarian and Animal Hospital  Caring for the Pets of Lonsdale, MN

Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Caring for the Pets of Lonsdale, MN

At Montgomery Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and staff near Lonsdale, MN are just as invested in your pet’s care and continued good health as you are. We share our lives with pets, too, and know that as part of the family, they deserve the best treatment we can give them. Our animal hospital offers services to accommodate virtually all of your pet’s lifelong needs, from routine exams and vaccinations to sick care, dental care, surgery, and much more. There’s nothing we love more than bringing people and their pets together, and helping them nurture the bond they share.

Veterinarian and animal hospital Lonsdale, MN
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Why Preventative Care is so Important

Prevention is a core tenet of our practice. What does this mean? It means preventing illness is always preferable to having to treat illness. That’s what keeping pets healthy is all about! Our animal hospital near Lonsdale, MN is dedicated to providing treatment that builds up your pet’s immune system and monitors their health from year to year, so that if needed, we can recommend timely and relevant measures to keep them on course.

Learn About Our Veterinary Services for Dogs and Cats in Lonsdale, MN

You can click on each of our services listed below for more information. While all pets benefit from the services we provide, we tailor your companion’s treatment to their specific health and lifestyle needs.

Our team is proud to partner with countless pet owners to give their dogs and cats a long, happy life of playtime, snuggles, and companionship. To schedule an appointment or go over any questions you have, please call us at (952) 856-3030.